An international trust provides an affordable option for clients to:

1. House assets using a safe, stable and tax effective location
2. Access a tried and tested model and
3. Invest in hard currencies across the world for the purpose of building wealth.

Examples of trusts include:

Family trusts to protect wealth across generations
Owner trusts to hold shares in companies
Investment trusts
Combinations of the 3 three above
Charitable trusts


Investments on behalf of the trust can be placed in any currency anywhere in the world.
Trust assets fall outside of the estate of the settlor/client.


The fees for international trusts depend on their intended purpose. Please contact us at for more information.

Setting up the trust

Documents required from the client for setting up the trust:
Certified copies of the Identification documents of the founder and beneficiaries of the trust;
Proof of address of the founder and the beneficiaries of the trust.

Please refer to this document for full requirements – DOWNLOAD


An international company is suitable for clients seeking flexible business and investment options in a safe, stable, and tax effective location with exposure to international markets.

Examples of international companies include:

Investment businesses
Family offices
Investment managers
Trading businesses
Regional offices for multinational businesses
Special purpose vehicles


Funds can be held in any currency in Mauritius or elsewhere.
Investments can be made in almost any type of asset almost anywhere in the world.
Business can be conducted in almost any part of the world.
Mauritius has favorable trade and tax treaties with a large network of countries.
The assets of the company fall outside of the estate of the client.

Mauritius residency

As an added benefit, the international company provides the client and the client’s family an opportunity to attain residency in Mauritius.

Setting up the company

Documents required from the client for setting up the trust and company include KYC documents and a business plan.
Please refer to our CREATE A COMPANY page for the full set of requirements.