The Mauritius fund landscape is a multi-trillion US dollar industry and is growing every year. The framework allows you to create several types of funds depending on the nature of the investment and the types of investors in your target market.

Our goal is to assist you to structure the most appropriate vehicle for your fund and then to provide you with the services you require to help you achieve your goals.

Different types of funds and fund structures

The legal framework allows for the creation of open-end and closed-end funds as collective investment schemes (CIS), expert funds, professional funds and specialised funds.

The funds can be created as companies, partnerships, protected cell companies or trusts.

Heimdall, as well as world class law firms with which we engage, can help you navigate the framework to find the solution that is most applicable to your requirements.

The management of funds

Heimdall can provide several solutions to the management of funds.

Should you wish to build your own custom-made fund or move an existing fund to another location, Heimdall can provide highly qualified directors, trustees and members of governance committees to assist in the management of the fund.

We can assist with the incubation of new funds on an existing fund management platform to enable you to focus on the business of growing your fund.

Should you wish to ensure that management and control vests in the country where your fund is located, we are able to provide plug and play solutions to ensure that your fund fulfils the requirements to achieve this.

Heimdall’s directors, personnel and consultants have served on the boards of funds for many years and through multiple economic cycles. Our aim is to add real value to boards and board committees on as many levels as possible through our knowledge, experience and networks.

In addition, Heimdall can provide executives at different levels of seniority to assist with the in-country execution of your business objectives. This can be done from our internal team or we can assist in sourcing personnel through licenced service providers.

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The administration team

The fund can be administered by Heimdall. Heimdall is responsible for the setting-up of the structure and the licencing of the fund to conduct business in Mauritius, in addition to the opening of bank accounts. The team at Heimdall is then tasked with all aspects of the ongoing administration by allocating a dedicated team to provide all-inclusive company secretarial, fund accounting and fund administration services to the company.

Mauritius residency

As an added benefit, the fund provides the owners and employees with the ability to obtain residency in Mauritius.

Additional information (including information about fees)

Should you be interested in learning more about Mauritius funds as an option for you and your business and about the fees for our services, please contact us at and we will gladly assist you.

Creating your international company

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