The term “Family Office” describes a wide range of companies that service the need of one or more families. The types of Family Offices are categorised according to their purpose.  Please note that it is possible for a Family Office to fulfil more than one of these purposes.

The investment Family Office

The main purpose of this company is to hold the family’s wealth and assets and to invest it at the discretion of the directors according to the family’s wishes. The investment can be made into almost any type of asset, including, but not limited to, listed equities, private equity and properties.

The trusted adviser Family Office

This company has a deeply rooted relationship with the person/s who established the Family Office.  The company’s directors are instructed to take care of the family’s financial and personal situation.  The company is involved in wealth and tax planning and execution to ensure the transmission of wealth between generations.

The business Family Office

This company functions as the operational/trading company of the family’s businesses and/or the head office of the family’s different businesses.

The administrative Family Office

The main purpose of this company is to take care of the administrative burden associated with having several diverse structures for personal and financial affairs.

The personal assistant

This company functions as a convenient PA service and assists when the family needs someone to help them with their personal life on a day to day basis.  In a more involved form, the company can deal with more complex family matters.

The financial Family Office

This company is a variation of the personal assistant and takes care of the family members’ personal finances, taxes and accounting.

The complete Family Office

This company provides all or most of the functions described above.

The Family Office structure

A Mauritius company serves as the ideal means to conduct business operations across multiple jurisdictions. The company is constituted under the company laws of Mauritius, with principal place of business situated in Mauritius. It is registered as an operational and investment company, while it also possible for shares to be owned wholly or in part by an international trust.

The management team

The Family Office is managed by a board of directors which can consist of you (or your nominee) and a minimum of two resident directors in Mauritius. Heimdall can supply two or more resident directors from our highly qualified and experienced team for this purpose.

Investments through the Family Office

Through the use of the international company in Mauritius, your Family Office can invest into almost any asset class in almost any country in the world. Investments can be designed according to your preferences through guidance which will be provided by your Family Office’s directors and advisors. Investments can be constructed according to your needs.

The advisory team

Heimdall has firm ties to world renowned financial advisors who, with Heimdall’s personnel, can assist in shaping the future of your Family Office.

Please note that Heimdall does not provide investment management or advisory services but as directors on your company we can assist with the strategic and execution processes of your Family Office.

The administration team

The Family Office can be administered by Heimdall. Heimdall is responsible for the setting-up of the structure and the licensing of the company to conduct business in Mauritius, in addition to the opening of bank accounts. The team at Heimdall is then tasked with all aspects of the ongoing administration by allocating a dedicated team to provide all-inclusive company secretarial, accounting and administration services to the company.

Mauritius residency

As an added benefit, the international company provides you and your family with the ability to obtain residency in Mauritius

Additional information (including information about fees)

Should you be interested in learning more about the Family Office as an option for you and your family and about the fees for our services, please contact us at and we will gladly assist you.

Creating your Family Office

If you would like to get started in creating your family office, please click on the link below to start the process:

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