An international trust enables you to access a model that has been used successfully for centuries to support causes that are of importance to you.

The trust allows you to support the causes during your lifetime but especially after you have passed.

The trust is an effective tool to raise funds for causes.


The trust can support causes almost anywhere in the world.

Assets that have been transferred to the trust fall outside of your estate.  This means that the trust can function without interruption and continue to look after your family long after your passing. Investments and money that have accumulated in the trust over time can help pay for expenses for your cause during and after your lifetime.


The fees for international trusts depend on their intended purpose and may be more affordable than many people realise.

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Setting up the trust

Documents required for setting up the trust:
Certified copies of the Identification documents of the founder and beneficiaries of the trust;
Proof of address of the founder and the beneficiaries of the trust.

Please refer to this document for full requirements – DOWNLOAD

Additional information

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Creating your trust

If you would like to get started in creating your trust, please click on the link below to start the process:

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